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 Central Valley Tea Party Event & Attendance; Is there a problem?

On Saturday, April 10th, the Central Valley Tea Party hosted a large event in Fresno at the Chukchansi Ballpark.  There was an impressive lineup of speakers, such as John Dennis, running against Nancy Pelosi, Chuck DeVore, running against Barbara Boxer, Danny Tarkanian, running against Harry Reid and running for governor were Steve Poizner, Ken Miller, Larry Naritelli and Chelene Nightingale.  In addition, a variety of interesting topics were covered by other speakers. 

Booths lined the corridors where the candidates were accessible.  Other booths were available with concerns such as the NRA, petitions to stop or mitigate the damage done by state and federal policies, and vendors selling conservative paraphernalia and souvenirs. 

 In all, it was a wonderful and inspiring event.  To be amongst so many concerned people with like-minded values gives one hope that average citizens are the key to saving America as we know it.  Many of the speakers had no other reason to be there other than they are passionate about what is happening to our government and future.  They have well paying careers, yet donate their time and energy in the hope of influencing the populous into participating or least voting for the right candidates. 

The expectation of attendance was that there would have been more people than last year.  This was due to the lineup of speakers, the growth of the movement and the location, being in a stadium rather than a park, such as last year.  However, attendance was obviously down, probably half of last year, which was a disappointment.  More... 

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